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Rates and reservations for off-site activities can be arranged through the front desk. Advance reservations are strongly recommended, especially for trekking and boating.

Who is wild here?

Thanks to the WWF funded project that has resulted in increasing the density of elephants in the region around. Banasura Island Resort is located where an ancient system of being together with the wild companions is still a lifestyle.

In the company of great men

The premise of Banasura Retreat is home for some of the most know ledged and skilled tribal communities who having mastered various ethnic therapeutic treatments. The aboriginals who still keep a super natural relationship with their habitat are seen in the interiors of nearby forests and an interaction with them is sure to be an experience.

Challenge the Fear

Spots like Banasura sagar dam, Meenmutty waterfall and Chembra peak would challenge the guts of a trekker. Tiring yet tempting landscape of interior Wayanad has been one of the most attractive adventure spots in South India.

Rates and reservations for off-site activities can be arranged through the front desk. Advance reservations are strongly recommended, especially for trekking and boating.

Below activities mentioned are available in Wayanad with co-ordination of WTO (Wayanad Tourism Organization)

Biking Trails

Savour the landscape on a bicycle, from half-day routes to all-day programs, over smooth roads or dirt tracks.

Biking Trails
The Tales And Tails Trail

Bike + Safari  |  Moderate
Ancient Temple, Wildlife Reserve, River
Bike the scenic trails through a river valley and forest to visit an ancient temple and then onto a wildlife safari.

  Green Hills To Blue Waters

Bike + Boat + Hike  |  Moderate
Plantations, Lake, Forest, Waterfall
Bike through tea and coffee country to a speed boat ride between islands and then hike to a mountain stream

The Two Leaf And Bud Ride

Bike  |  Hard
Tea Gardens, Vista Points, Rive
Ride over smooth roads cutting across state boundaries through some of the most scenic tea gardens in the region

  Triathlon On The Kabini

Bike + Hike + Camp  |  Moderate
Forests, Fields, River crossing
Bike through forests, and walk across paddy fields to reach an explorer's paradise in the islands of adventure

Foot hills On Wheels

Bike + Hike | Moderate
Tea Gardens, Plantations, Forest, Waterfall
Bike through coffee and tea country, climb through a beautiful plantation and dive into a clear pool in a stream

  The Robusta and Arabica Ride

Bike + Hike  |  Hard
Coffee Plantations, Forest, River
Ride over back roads through pretty coffee plantations and countryside to a beautiful land nestled in a bowl of hills

Hiking Trails

For those who love slow travel, we have a series of hikes that uncover the nature, history and lore of this ancient land.

Hiking Trails
Trail Of No Return

Boat + Hike  |  Moderate
Lake, Rainforest, Grassland, River
Boat across to remote plantations and hike to civilization across forests and grassland where wildlife roams

  Like A Shadow In The Woods

Rainforest Hike  |  Moderate
Rainforest, Grasslands, River, Tea Gardens
Hike into a verdant valley and climb through ancient rainforest to scenic grasslands and descend to a clear stream

Guardian Of The Eastern Dark

Rainforest Hike | Moderate
Waterfall, Cardamom, Grassland
Hike through picturesque plantations and grasslands to reach a river and a waterfall hidden deep in the rainforest

  Walk In The Tea Country

Tea country Hike | Moderate
Hills, Tea Garden, Rainforest
Hike this cross country trail over hills, grass land, fields, tea garden and forest to enjoy spectacular views all along

Trekking Trails

The dense forests, lofty heights and clear streams throw up some of the best routes for those who seek challenges.

Trekking Trails

Ascend To Heaven Lake

Trek | Hard
Mountain, Grassland, Shola Forest, Views
Climb to a most scenic lake and beyond to the mist shrouded peak with stunning panoramic views overlooking wilderness

  To The Caves of Nirvana

Trek | Hard
Shola Forest, Grassland, Cave Traverse
Journey through dense rainforests and high altitude grass lands to ancient caves inhabited by bats and mystics

The Mowgli Trail

Wildlife Trek | Hard
Wildlife large and small
Trek the buffer zone inside one of the best wildlife habitats in the world, with armed guards ensuring safe sighting



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