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Of a Babel that was there
Banasura Island Resort is located where nature leans on its toe. This spiritual height, an ecologically diverse piece of land exposes itself to just one thing; Pure God. The shola forests near the banks of Banasura reservoir are pristine abode of wide variety of flora and fauna and home for both wild and mild. The eco-system with water, trees, birds and butterflies is revivifying.

Resort in Wayanad Kerala
The winding roads to Banasura Island Resort take us through the twists and turns of the big python belly of the Wayanadan Hills, lined by the thin browns of herbal trees intercepting the lush greens of peaking tea bushes of the tea plantations. Island Retreat is situated at the top of a hill with dream like landscapes. The atmosphere is perfect for mind with the life giving purity of the air of the hills and the green foliage.

Meditate with nature

Like the world has a center, Banasura Island Resort is located where the Wayanad shrinks into its soul, on top of a hillock that is open to just one thing; the mirror of every soul called Sky. 4 kms away from the Banasurasagar dam on the banks of the reservoir, the place is easily accessible from National highway 212.

But how could one reach the top of an emotional hill without tripping through other programmes of mind. Take a fine risk of travelling through the complex, mysterious interiors of Wayanad to discover simplicity at last. Reach Banasura Island Resort.